How to create & deploy the page for free in no time

Akash Bijwe
2 min readAug 6, 2020


Yes, you read it right, now you can create a Github page & host it for free. Whether you want to deploy your portfolio or maybe some website & do not want to pay for hosting then Github page is for you. Edit, push and your website is live.

Create GitHub pages for free.
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Prerequisites: You need to have a github account & basic knowledge of git.

1. Create a repository

Go to and create a new repository named as Remember your repository should be public.

2. Upload/Push code

Now You need to upload/push your code to Github by command line or any Github desktop app.

If you don’t know how to clone or push your code to git then this article might help you. This article has covered all the basic details of git.

3. You’re done!

Once you pushed your code, your site will be live in no time. Just hit your browser with

Things to remember: You can only deploy static sites on Github pages(HTML, CSS, Javascript). As your Github repository is public don’t add any credentials or private code.

Heads Up: I am working on one of the cool Chrome extensions which helps to format your code easily & it’s superfast It can format your code within milliseconds. on top of it, it’s completely free for use. So go & hit that Add to Chrome Button.

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